William O. Webster III was born on 12 May 1956 in Detroit Michigan. He was the creative one in the family and started working with art and color at a young age. He moved from pencil and crayon to watercolor while still in grade school.


He received many awards in his high school art classes. He graduated from the Cass Technical High School in Detroit with honors in art. In his continuing study of art, he specialized in portraits and advanced into the use of acrylics.


As his art matured, his love of animation and vibrant color led him to apply at Disney in Los Angeles. Although the job at Disney didn't come through, the move to Los Angeles led his creativity elsewhere for a time.


In 1992 Mr. Webster returned to the graphic arts in portraits and acrylic. But the biggest turn in his career was masked as a fateful tragedy. In January 1996 he was rushed to the emergency room after an accident. He had been clinically dead but was revived. After nearly two days in a coma, Mr. Webster miraculously regained consciousness.


It was this accident, which left him partially deaf, that turned his perceptions to see art and life itself as color and texture - representations of the divine. This was a time of spiritual awakening for him and a time of prolific work. Today, his work is still a product of that inner vision.



"Color is our after-life; where we go; true love and happiness. Before January 12, 1996, I never felt the love and happiness I know now. We must remember the most beautiful color we will ever find is within ourselves." -- William Webster.




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